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About Me


I moved to Guelph with my wife Mary in August 2011 after living in several Canadian cities (mainly Montreal, London and Toronto) and travelling through much of the world (North America, Central America, Europe, Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent).  We could have moved anywhere in Canada but chose Guelph because of its progressive municipal government, unique and historic downtown, multitude of sports and cultural activities, array of wellness practitioners and programs, proximity to nature and, especially, the friendly people.  Now that we’re in our 50s, we don’t plan to move again during our lifetime!


My family, friends, colleagues and neighbours describe me as a knowledgeable, ethical, hard-working, honest and caring person who is passionate about Guelph and its future.  The past three years have allowed me to appreciate the city’s many good points and also think about new ways of building on its strong foundation.  I am fortunate that my diverse career, civic advocacy and volunteering, along with my education and love of music, has enabled me to make a difference to the livability of cities for people and other species.  This includes:


  • Healthy Transport Consulting – Established in 2006 to provide government, private sector and non-profit organizations with sustainable transportation policy, planning, research and project/event management services. Clients have included Transport Canada, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Metrolinx/York Region Transit, Niagara Escarpment Commission, Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario and Pollution Probe.
  • Transport Futures – Established in 2008, Transport Futures is a series of learning events coordinated by Healthy Transport Consulting. Working with our valued advisors, partners, sponsors and speakers, we are the only Ontario-based organization facilitating a rational dialogue on a range of challenging TDM measures and infrastructure funding mechanisms.
  • Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation – Co-founded GCAT in 2012 to promote walking and cycling in Guelph.
  • Toronto Centre for Active Transportation – Co-founded TCAT in 2006 to promote cycling and walking in Toronto.
  • Ontario Smart Growth Network   – First OSGN manager from 2004 to 2006.
  • Transportation Options – Project manager from 1999 to 2006.
  • Nature Conservancy of Canada – Ontario Development Officer, 1998.
  • Recycling Council of Ontario – First manager of the ReinCARnate Vehicle Recycling Project Manager (1996-1998) and Membership Coordinator (1993-1995).
  • Professional musician (guitar) and band manager (1983-1993).


I hold a Master of Environmental Studies degree in Urban Planning from York University (2005) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and business from Queen's University (1982).


I have learned to examine everything with a sustainability-based lens  so that economic, environmental and social/health issues are considered equally.  I am a firm believer in the polluter pays principle and am always thinking about what kind of city and world we leave for future generations: those without a voice today.


Please see my bold ideas and present your own so we can work together to make Guelph a better place to live.

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